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What can you get? Each participant comes to the InterConnect Solutions platform with his own goal: to find a cheap route, optimize price-quality, cover missing directions, simplify interaction with suppliers, find routes for special traffic, etc.

The InterConnect Solutions platform has collected over 1,200 connection to operators in 230 countries worldwide. Only the best prices and the best conditions.

Our mission

Ensure transparency and order in the bulk SMS market.

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What do we guarantee and ensure?


- Guaranteed payments

- Automatic contract generation and contract management

- Speed control

- Automatic pre-moderation and control of compliance with the requirements of each operator

- We act as an arbiter


- Sending by SMPP Protocol

- Automation of Alphanames management

- Automatic contract generation and contract management

- Availability of flexible API for process automation and deep integration


- Reducing staff costs

- Increase traffic flow, with just one contract

- Convenient account for managers to work with hundreds of clients

- Transparent conditions


- Automatic notification of channel quality and prices

- Setting up applications for alphanames for all operators

- Quality support tam

What do we offer?

Quality control of traffic and guarantee of payments

The lowest prices

Multicurrency prices

Only the best routes

Automatic contracts

Routes backup

24/7 routes monitoring

Saving time in negotiations

Intelligent routing

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